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Legacy Donors


Our mission is to provide financial resources to Lancaster County residents in support of their post-secondary educational goals.

As part of this mission we have created Legacy Loans. These loans are named after an individual, group or organization that has donated at the $10,000 level or in honor of and individual, group or organization.

Students can only receive a Legacy Loan one time and the donor can set small preferences such as a specific major or a specific school.

The amount of the loan will be the same as the general loan amount.

A $10,000 donation can be made one-time or over several years. Once the donor or group of donors has reached the $10,000 mark we will contact them to set up the Legacy Loan.

Your donation can provide years of loans to students as the original dollars are circulated back into the pool of funds through the repayment process.

At this level of giving you truly are leaving a legacy for future generations. We invite you to join our mission of supporting Lancaster County residents’ post-secondary educational goals.

Legacy Donors

Binns Legacy Loan

Allen Family Foundation Legacy Loan

Elwood Bookman Estate Legacy Loan

R.D. and Rhoda Buckwalter Legacy Loan

Irel Buckwalter Legacy Loan

Dr. Emmett Cooper Legacy Loan

The Estate of Paul & Genevieve Diller Legacy Loan

Dr. Mary Elizabeth Dixon Legacy Loan

Dr. Lawrence A. Ezard Memorial Legacy Loan

David and Tamela Fassnacht Legacy Loan

William and Violet Dussinger Legacy Loan

Jim Hagelgans and Gale Zorian Legacy Loan

The Dale and Sadie High Legacy Loan

E. Ann Klein Charitable Trust Legacy Loan

William Klein Jr. Legacy Loan

Margaret Gordon Lestz Legacy Loan

Barbara K. Mank Legacy Loan

The Pryor E. and Arlene R. Neuber Legacy Loan

Pangburn Family Legacy Loan

Gray Playter Memorial Legacy Loan

Reyna ITS Legacy Loan

William S. Rothermel Foundation Legacy Loan

Frances Sarkisian Trust Legacy Loan

The Steinman Foundation Legacy Loan

Ronald and Patricia Tweed Legacy Loan

Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Weaver Legacy Loan

Catherine N. Witmer Memorial Legacy Loan