The impact of the interest-free loans issued by Lancaster Dollars for Higher Learning can have a tremendous impact on students and families. Here’s what they have to say:

Student Testimonials

I am going to be a senior at Houghton College studying English, French, and international development. With the help of the Lancaster Dollars for Higher Learning, I was able to develop my skills as a writer and as a reader at an incredible school.

Hope M.
Houghton College

As a student at Misericordia University, I am actively pursuing my dream of becoming an occupational therapist. Thanks to organizations like LDHL, I am able to continue engaging in the extra-curricular activities that complete me. Dedication, time-management, and teamwork are just a few of the many qualities I’ve learned from playing three college sports while still maintaining high grades.

Jillian E.
Misericordia University

My sister Halie and I were both able to attend the school of our choice with the help from LDHL. I am attending Millersville and am pursuing a psychology degree, while Halie is studying intelligence at Mercyhurst.

Ashley B.
Millersville University

As a college student at the University of Pittsburgh, money is very tight and with the help from Lancaster Dollars for Higher Learning, I was able to lower my loan amounts! I plan to major in chemistry with a minor in chemical engineering. At the end of my career, when I’m on the cusp of retirement, I want to look back and not only say, ‘It was all worth it’, but see positive changes within my community and country that I had a hand in!

Wesley P.
University of Pittsburgh

Lancaster Dollars for Higher Learning provided me with an opportunity to pursue a bachelors in Professional Writing and a minor in Political Science. The loan allows me to focus on important public relations and communication criteria at Juniata College without worries of how to fund such a great opportunity.

Nicholas G.
Juniata College

I was able to pursue my dream of becoming a mechanical engineer thanks to the help of LDHL. They helped to reduce the burden of tuition so I was able to more clearly focus on my learning. Thank you.

Jeffrey W.
Messiah College

Thanks to LDHL I am able to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering at Lehigh University. I hope to graduate in under three years in order to work toward completing a master's degree in five years. After graduation, I hope to begin a career in the aerospace or automotive field.

Dustin G.
Lehigh University

Parent Testimonials

Because of the interest-free loans from LDHL for our son, we will be able to stay in our home. Does that sound drastic? We think so, and we are very appreciative of LDHL. After consolidating the loans we parents incurred to pay for college, we can just afford the monthly payment. Without those additional dollars from LDHL, we would have had to borrow more, and the monthly consolidation payments would have been difficult for us to meet. Thank you, LDHL, for giving an educational opportunity to our talented son!

Ellen F.

As a parent of two LDHL recipients, I know for a fact the importance of this loan to students. Since not all families are approved for government funding, LDHL has given my children a boost when it comes time for tuition payments. I love to tell others of the great nature of this loan and its availability to all types of applicants.

Stacy H.

I have three children who were lucky enough to receive financial assistance from Lancaster Dollars for Higher Learning. My oldest has now graduated from Temple and is exploring opening up her own business and teaching Yoga in an attempt to educate people on eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle. My middle daughter is in her senior year at Penn College of Technology.

Emily B.