Lancaster Dollars for Higher Learning offers its interest-free loan recipients very favorable repayment terms.

Repayment is Easy with LDHL

Students must begin to repay their loans six months after graduation or withdrawal from school. Repayment plans start at $100 per month and are automatically withdrawn from a checking or savings account. Full repayment of the outstanding debt can be made at any time. Repayments cannot be made online.


Repayment deferments are granted if a student provides proof of continuing full-time attendance in school, military duty, or missionary work.

The Fine Print

If a loan recipient fails to make payment on time, a reminder will be sent when payment is 30 days past due. At 60 days past due, the recipient’s co-signor will then be notified. At 90 days past due and later, a certified letter will be sent to both the recipient and co-signor. If repayment arrangements are still not made after 120 days, the account will be referred to a debt collection agency or legal action will commence.