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Testimonials from previous loan recipients and donors

“I set up the fund at Lancaster Dollars in order to honor my parents, William and Violet Dussinger, known by everybody as Pete and Vi. My father was a wholesale hardware salesman for Herr & Co in Lancaster, and my mother was a bookkeeper. My parents greatly encouraged my interests in medicine and worked very hard to ensure that I was able to attend Penn State. Receiving the loan decreased the financial burden on my parents and was a great help my freshman year at Penn State.”


University of Michigan Medical School graduate, Professor Emerita Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases, VA Medical Center

“I am thankful for the loans I received from LDHL as they were interest-free and took away the stress of having to pay back additional money. I’m grateful for the help they provided me in getting a high-quality education.”

Abigail L.

Messiah University graduate, Local Registered Nurse

“I was fortunate enough to only need to take these loans from Lancaster Dollars, so I don’t really have any other college loans to compare to. But I loved and appreciated the fact that these are interest-free loans. To me, I had the mindset that I wasn’t really taking on a financial burden because I wouldn’t be accumulating any interest.” 

Tommy D.

Messiah University graduate, Design Engineer

“While in school, these loans helped close the gap of what needed to come out of pocket. I would not have been able to pay for college without them. I have also been so thankful for the interest free nature of these loans, both while in school and in repayment. This has allowed me to repay all of my student loans early.” 

Angie D.

Geneva College graduate, Local Teacher

“I was so thankful when I found Lancaster Dollars for Higher Learning because it allows me to avoid those high interest rate loans. Not only did this bring me peace of mind that I wasn’t wasting tons of money on interest, but it also allowed me to pay off all the loan early since there was no interest racking up while I was still in school. I love what LDHL is doing for the local Lancaster community and am beyond thankful for them!”

Isaac S.

Penn State Harrisburg graduate, Project Engineer

“I was fortunate enough that your loan was the only one that I had to repay after college, however not having to pay interest on it made such a difference in my ability to pay it back as quickly as I have.” ~Sarah B.

Sarah B.

Millersville University graduate, Local Teacher

“Keep on educating our young people – they are the future.”

Ron B.

Dedicated Donor, Mortarboard & Tassel Member, Owner of Ronald Barton Hair Styling Salon

“Thank you for your organization’s help, not only to me, but to the many other Lancaster County students.”

Lydia J.

Lycoming College graduate, State Museum of Pennsylvania Guide

“The Dollars for Scholars (LDHL) loan has been great as the interest-free loan has allowed me to not stress about repayment. The fact that I have a set, easy, low-cost repayment each month allowed me to quickly pay off my Sallie Mae loan before it went into repayment, and has allowed me to live with far less debt than I would have otherwise.”

Daniel R.

Alliance University - formerly Nyack College graduate, High School Social Studies Teacher