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leaving a legacy

Legacy Donors – Legacy recognition is accorded to those friends whose gifts have accumulated $10,000 or more. These generous contributors have named legacy awards presented in their honor. At this level of giving you truly are leaving a legacy for future generations.

Legacy Loans, which are given in the same amount as Traditional Loans, are named after an individual, group or organization that has donated at the $10,000 level, either as a one time donation or over several years. The donor can suggest preferences for the designated recipient to attend a specific school or study a specific major.

I’m grateful for what I have been able to achieve, which was only possible through the education that I received. I want others to have the same opportunity. Public service work is undervalued in the marketplace. Any assistance that encourages and allows people to pursue work in that area and have a livable wage and sustainable lifestyle is important. Although the loan amount was never very much but paying for school entirely on my own every little bit helped. After graduation I did volunteer, non-profit and government work so pay was limited. Any break on repayment obligations was helpful.” ~ Joel Heisey (former loan recipient, dedicated donor)

“Teachers are so important for our country and democracy. Their job has gotten even more difficult in recent years with many leaving the profession. One way I can help is to provide funds to Lancaster Dollars for Higher Learning for students majoring in education. While a teacher at Manheim Township School District, I oversaw the teacher’s union scholarship fund for many years. My family did not value education and I had to work hard to pay for my education. I am passionate about providing financial support for needy students. Previous Board member Kathy Potier first told me about Dollars for Scholars as it was known then. She was a friend from my Great Books group and a fellow English teacher at MTHS.” ~ Luci Steele (dedicated donor)

“We know first-hand how expensive college can be. Both of our daughters were lucky to have received a loan from Lancaster Dollars for Higher Learning. That helped ease some of the burden associated with attending a private college and an out-of-state college. Given that the loan did not require payment of any interest and the terms of repayment were favorable to the student, these loans offer distinct advantages over other types of college financing. Helping to further someone’s education by creating a Legacy Loan in honor of our daughter, Macy, seemed like a wonderful way to keep her memory alive.” ~ Gary & Melanie Zimmerman (parents of loan recipients)

 “Reyna ITS management believes that education is essential in providing individuals with the opportunity to grow professionally and personally, and as they do, their contributions to their professions, society, community, and family will transcend many generations to come. The model that LDHL has implemented multiplies the opportunities of education to MANY individuals and catalyzes students’ accountability for the future and well-being of others. This is a model that Reyna ITS embraces and is honored to be a part of.” ~Paty Bryner (legacy donor)