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We offer two interest-free loan programs.

Traditional Loan Program

TOTE Loan Program
(Trade, Occupational, and Technical Education)
Any student who is a Lancaster County resident, who will be attending an accredited institution of post-secondary education full-time and shows financial need. Any student who is a Lancaster County resident, is a high school graduate (or equivalent) and who is attending or is planning to attend an eligible program at LCCTC.

Grace Dalavai is receiving The Barbara K. Mank Legacy Loan

Nicholas Ketner is receiving The Dr. Emmett Cooper Legacy Loan

Serina Blessing is receiving The William and Violet Dussinger Legacy Loan

Delaney Loucks is receiving The Irel Buckwalter Legacy Loan

Andrew Erb is receiving The David and Tamela Fassnacht Legacy Loan

Kacie Herr is receiving The Allen Family Foundation Legacy Loan

Eliza Mull is receiving The Binns Legacy Loan

Madison Heider is receiving The R.D. and Rhoda Buckwalter Legacy Loan

Rachel Hungerford is receiving The Elwood Bookman Estate Legacy Loan

Thomas Denlinger is receiving The Jim Hagelgans and Gale Zorian Legacy Loan

Alex Weaver is receiving The Estate of Paul & Genevieve Diller Legacy Loan

Austin Frey is receiving The Dr. Mary Elizabeth Dixon Legacy Loan

Joshua Li is receiving The Dr. Lawrence A. Ezard Memorial Legacy Loan

Camryn Stover is receiving The Pryor E. and Arlene R. Neuber Legacy Loan

Morgan Smoker is receiving The Dale and Sadie High Legacy Loan

Braden Redcay The E. Ann Klein Charitable Trust Legacy Loan

Alexis Jackson is receiving The Frances Sarkisian Trust Legacy Loan

Connor Ranck is receiving The William Klein Jr. Legacy Loan

Anna Burkhart is receiving The Steinman Foundation Legacy Loan

Daryn Ebersol is receiving The Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Weaver Legacy Loan

Kayla Forrey is receiving The Margaret Gordon Lestz Legacy Loan

Brenda Regalado is receiving The Gray Playter Memorial Legacy Loan

Aaron Wright is receiving The William S. Rothermel Foundation Legacy Loan

Ryan Floyd is receiving The Ronald and Patricia Tweed Legacy Loan

Our mission is to provide financial resources to Lancaster County residents in support of their post-secondary educational goals.

By providing interest-free loans we are helping students attain their dream of higher education. Since the loans are repaid the funds are again available to provide funding to more students. This teaches students the value of paying it forward to help another individual.

The LDHL loan was very helpful in pursuing my education. I continue to have student loan debt from federal loans, but the interest-free loan from LDHL reduced the amount of loans I needed to take out that accrue interest very quickly. It has allowed me to be more financially stable and begin repaying my student loans at a faster rate than I would have been able to otherwise. Thank you so much for everything! – Joanna S. (George Fox University)

Never limit your potential. College is a great time to figure out what you like, what you can do, and what you would rather not do, if possible. Look for new opportunities, always network, and pursue something new, different, and creative so you can really discover yourself. Most importantly, though, always give 110% effort in everything. Hard work DOES pay off. –  Nicholas G. (Millersville University)

I just had my one year anniversary with the Ann B. Barshinger Cancer Institute. I am working with the Cancer Genetics team as a Cancer Genetic Counselor. I graduated with my Master’s degree in Human Genetics in May of 2017.  I love where I am right now. I love working with my patients and getting to know their families. Family history plays a significant role in genetics, so I have the unique opportunity of sitting down with patients and their families. My job is emotionally and mentally draining most days, but it is rewarding nonetheless. It is a privilege to be involved in my patients’ care. – Caroline M. (Sarah Lawrence College)


We have provided $17,838,430 in interest-free loans since 1961!