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With only two paid employees and a board of volunteers, we continue to act as the flagship lender of interest-free loans for student loans for Lancaster County residents who attend accredited post-secondary institutions and show financial need.

Lancaster Dollars for Higher Learning was formerly Citizens Scholarship Foundation and Dollars for Scholars.

Lancaster Dollars for Higher Learning Annual Newsletters

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Founding Board Members
Dr. O.H. Aurand
Robert M. Binkele
Mrs. Lucylla Campbell
Mrs. C.B. Cool
C. Theordore Fultineer
Dr. B.B. Herr
Mrs. Mildred Kaetz
Herbert Kauffman
Edward C. Kraft
Gerald S. Lestz
Dr. Stephen D. Lockey
Will H. Powers
Dr. Wihelmina S. Scott
Jacob Truxall
Honorary Life Members
Robyn Alspach
Nancy Bookman
Kay Brubaker
J.Steven Buswell
Sandra Edwards Gray
Elizabeth Kauffman
Yvonne Kauffman
Kathleen Potier
Ronald Potier
William Rothermel
R. Richard Sherbahn
David Logan Steele
Joseph Webber
Pat Webber