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Our loans do more than just provide tuition assistance to students in need. They help graduates establish healthy financial habits and an appreciation for budgeting. Best of all, they develop these tools without the added financial burden of compounding interest. That’s one of the reasons our repayment default rate is historically less than 2 percent.

LIFTing the Burden of Interest

Lancaster Dollars for Higher Learning offers two lines of student loans: LIFT (Lancaster Interest-Free Tuition) Loans and Legacy Loans. Any donation(s) you make–up to $10,000–will be awarded to qualified students in the form of LIFT Loans. Amounts that exceed $10,000 may be awarded in the form of Legacy Loans.

Become a Legacy Donor

While one-time contributions of $10,000 or more will elevate donors to Legacy status, others can reach the same benchmark when their accumulated donations meet or surpass that figure. Identify a target date to become a Legacy Donor, and we’ll help you plan how to get there. Legacy Donors can choose to outline specific parameters for how their contributions will be used, such as student characteristics, programs of study, or choice of school. Those who reach Legacy status also have the option of naming the loan awards. Do you enjoy shopping on Amazon? If so, your purchases could support Lancaster Dollars for Higher Learning. Every time you shop on Amazon go to smile.amazon.com. Type in Lancaster Dollars for Higher Learning and start shopping to support the mission. It’s as simple as that. You can shop year round through this program. If you are a Prime member, using this link will not impact your Prime benefits or membership. Have fun shopping and thanks for supporting Lancaster Dollars for Higher Learning! If you’re ready to extend a hand up to a worthy student in need, donate now!   [maxbutton name=”Apply”] [maxbutton name=”Contribute”]