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Secret Santa 2018


Can I donate more than $500? YES

Can I select the student that has part of their loan paid off? NO, the process must be random.

What if we can’t raise $500? That’s okay. We will pool your funds and then divide it up in $500 increments.

Do all students have a balance of $500? No, some have more, and some have less. For students with more than a $500 balance we will only use funds to pay off $500. For students with less we will pay the balance and put the funds back in to help another student.

Can you tell me who received my money? NO, we will not be able to do that because loan recipient names are confidential.

Will the student know I gave them the money? NO, keeping with the Secret Santa theme we will not divulge the donor directly to the student. Shh, it’s a secret!

Let’s do good, for goodness sake!