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As the date for the Extraordinary Give event inches ever closer, Lancaster Dollars for Higher Learning’s existing and former loan recipients are making a move to pay it forward, including Mr. Chet Beiler.

Chet has offered to serve as a challenge investor for LDHL during this year’s #ExtraGive event, promising the organization $2,000 after the first 50 donations are made.

In a recent interview with Chet, he recalled the exact day—Dec. 19, 1982—when he received his acceptance letter to Pepperdine University, the school he most wanted to attend. Far from wealthy, he knew he’d have to pursue a host of financial aid resources, but where would he begin?

At the time, he was an employee of RR Donnelly, a printing company in Lancaster. When he informed his supervisor of his acceptance to Pepperdine, his supervisor suggested he pursue a zero-interest loan through Citizen’s Scholarship Foundation, the previous name of Lancaster Dollars for Higher Learning.

“I will never forget receiving the initial installment of the loan,” Chet explained. “It was such a crucial moment in my academic career, allowing me to head west to college. I am eternally grateful for the support of Citizen’s Scholarship Foundation, now LDHL, and the way they came through every year for four years, honoring their commitment to my education.”

When Chet considered how he wanted to donate to LDHL this fall, he met with Executive Director Ann Womble. Together, they decided the best time for Chet to donate would be this Friday, November 20—the day of the Extra Give. Giving to LDHL during the Extraordinary Give event offers a way for donors to make their dollars go even further than usual because of the strongest impact for the nonprofit organization during Lancaster’s most popular day for giving.

If you are thinking about donating, please consider donating on November 20, 2015. Your money goes further on the day of the Extra Give than it would any other time of the year, because every dollar given that day goes further than a typical donation because of the added assistance that’s graciously provided by the Lancaster County Community Foundation and its presenting partners (learn more about the ExtraGive stretch pool).

Bookmark this link for reference on November 20, 2105, so you can donate to Lancaster Dollars for Higher Learning and make a bigger difference in the lives of students in need of financial assistance from Lancaster County.