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Before you head to your local high school football game this Friday, swing by the Extraordinary Give website and help support your team’s prodigies.

What is the Extraordinary Give?

Each November, the Lancaster County Community Foundation and its sponsors and partners donate up to $300,000 to multiple organizations throughout the county based on donations made on a single day. This year, that day is Friday, November 18. From 12 a.m. through 11:59 p.m. that day, you can make donations to your preferred organization(s) in order to not only support their cause but help them generate even more support from the Lancaster County Community Foundation and associated organizations and businesses.

Why Donate to Lancaster Dollars for Higher Learning?

Countless young people in our community don’t realize their potential, partly because of their lack of financial support. Lancaster Dollars for Higher Learning understands this need and has spent over 50 years providing many students with interest-free loans to help them better themselves.

Your donation will make a difference. By donating to LDHL, you will…

  • Give back to your community
  • Give less fortunate adolescents the confidence they need to pursue their dreams.
  • Promote affordable post-secondary education.
  • Leave a legacy.

How do I Donate?

This is rather simple. Head over to our page on the Extraordinary Give website and follow those instructions for a quick and easy donating experience.

Prizes for LDHL and Incentives for Donors

World renowned companies based right here in Pennsylvania are offering some intense incentives this year to help local organizations go above and beyond their goals. Total available in prizes is $50,000.

Armstrong Flooring: Early Bird Challenge

Each of the first 10 organizations to receive 50 unique gifts will receive $1,000. However, only one gift per donor (per organization) will count towards the prize.

The Hershey Company: Golden Tickets

Five donors from each of the seven preselected timeslots on Friday will be selected at random for a Golden Ticket. Each ticket is an additional $1,000 prize to that donor’s gift. For example, if a donor makes a gift of $25 and is selected for a Golden Ticket, that donor’s contribution becomes $1,000. Here are the timeframes:

  • 12 AM- 3 AM: Clipper Magazine & LocalFlavor.com Midnight Madness
  • 5 AM- 8 AM: Atlee Hall Rush Hour
  • 9 AM- 11 AM: Penn Cinema Morning Coffee Break
  • 12 PM- 2 PM: High Companies Lunch Hour
  • 4 PM- 6 PM: Rhoads Energy Happy Hour
  • 7 PM- 9 PM: Benchmark Construction Company Primetime Prize
  • 10 PM-12 AM: Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Extraordinary Finale

Glenmede: Grand Prizes

There will be two Grand Prize winners this year. Each will receive $2,500. Winners will be the organizations with the greatest number of unique donors throughout the Extraordinary Give. One prize will go to an organization with an operating budget of over $1 million, and the second prize will be awarded to an organization with an operating budget of less than $1 million. Only one gift (per organization) per donor will count towards the prize.

Help our younger generation go above and beyond by giving back to your community and donating to Lancaster Dollars for Higher Learning. What better time to give than Friday, during the Extraordinary Give!

We hope you will put your game face on this Friday and join us in building stronger futures for our youth, the future of our nation.