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My name is Ryan Sauder and in December of 2015 I graduated from the Penn State University Smeal College of Business with a degree in Accounting. As soon as I graduated, I began working as an accountant for M. Simon Zook Co. in Honey Brook, Pa and I have been there ever since. The advice that I would give to current college students is to make sure that they work hard and get a good internship. You will learn so much more by applying the concepts you are learning in an internship than you ever will in the classroom. It is also an excellent way to make connections and will most likely lead to a job if you do well.

Please pass along my great thanks to the family who contributed to make the interest free loans possible!! Without them, paying for my education would have been much more difficult!

I graduated in 2013 from Union University in Jackson, TN with a degree in Elementary Education and Learning Foundations. I enjoy teaching elementary students because I believe that the foundation that they build at a young age will greatly influence the direction of their future. I know that I am impacting children’s lives every day and that my work is worthwhile. The advice that I would give to current college students is to not focus so much on finding the perfect job after graduation, but instead focus on finding a career that is beneficial to the lives of others so that at the end of the day you can look back and know that you did something that mattered.  

David Leisey

I graduated in summer of 2016 from Drexel University with my Doctorate in Physical Therapy and have been a practicing Physical Therapist with Fox Rehabilitation ever since. I value my work and the opportunity to make a positive impact on others and improve their overall quality of life and mobility. I would not be able to do so without the schooling I have received and thank you for contributing to my higher education and facilitating students with the opportunity to achieve their goals!

Alyssia Whalen PT, DPT 

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