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Spring break isn’t cheap. A six-night stay in Virginia Beach or Daytona can set you back as much as $1,150.

But you can kick back with friends without busting your budget. Learn the top spring break money tips to make this college experience easier on your bank account.

Break out that student ID.

Take shameless advantage of your student status and pull out that college ID card as often as possible for discounts. You could snag yourself sweet deals at attractions, movie theaters, restaurants, and more.

Hop onto hotel freebies.

No, we’re not talking about packing up the hotel towels when you leave. Instead, hit the hotel’s complimentary breakfast, coffee, or snack bar to save money. Ditching the café breakfast and fancy coffee could save you as much as $10 per day.

Don’t cause shenanigans.

Of course, you’re not planning to cause trouble over spring break, but it’s possible to still run afoul of the law—and that will cost you money. Get to know the local laws so you don’t inadvertently break noise ordinances, seatbelt laws, texting-while-driving regulations, etc. Stay within speed limits, too, so you can avoid paying traffic fines now and higher insurance costs later.

Keep Tabs on the Alcohol Bill

Nothing will drain your bank account more quickly than a night at the bar or club. If you’re of legal drinking age and plan to enjoy alcohol on spring break, buy your own liquor, wine, or beer bottles when possible rather than ordering pricey drinks at bars and restaurants.

When you don’t have the option to drink your own alcohol or BYOB, look for happy hour and student specials to take the sting out of the bar bill. Drink a full glass of water between each alcoholic beverage to slow down your rate of consumption, as well.

Fire Up the Kitchen

Frequent takeout and restaurant meals will put a serious ding in your spring break budget, so take control of expenses by cooking meals in the rental home’s kitchen or hotel kitchenette.

If you’re spring breaking on an island or beach, where groceries can be a little pricier, consider taking along some of your own food for the trip. Pack groceries like bagels, cereals, snacks, water, and soda.

Ditch the Car

Lower costs by relying on public transportation, like trains, trolleys, and buses, after you arrive at your destination. It will save gas and parking money, plus it can reduce the headaches that come from navigating your car around unfamiliar places.

Renting a bike to get around town is another money-saving tip for spring break. In addition to reducing gas and parking costs, the extra exercise will help offset some of the other indulgences you’re treating yourself to.

Keep Looking for Ways to Save on College Costs

These spring break money tips are just a few ways to make the college experience more affordable. Saving money on your student loans is another.

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