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Learning – It happens to me every day.

Education – It teaches me more than facts and formulas!

During my more formal education during college and a year abroad, I benefited from the vast knowledge of professors and classmates. My eyes were opened to new cultures. There were many debates and I learned to see and understand the world from different perspectives. My education was much more than classes – during this time I learned to think differently. Learned to listen better and appreciate others. I learned new skills that I like to share, and I developed a stronger confidence in my own abilities.

Today, I am still learning.  And, I am passionate about helping others achieve their own educational goals as a volunteer with Lancaster Dollars for Higher Learning. LDHL interest-free loans have been given to literally thousands of Lancaster students since it was established some 60 years ago. Our Board of Directors met in May to make the difficult decision of how many loans we could offer for the next academic year and how many students we are able help right now. We would like to do more for the many students seeking financial support. The generosity of members of the community is essential in our ability to expand the pool of applicants and distribute more loans. 

You can help us to be able to distribute more loans by making a donation on our website.

Due to the generosity of one major donor, LDHL is kicking off a pilot program we call TOTE to offer interest-free loans to students choosing to pursue their education at trade and technical programs. Thanks to the thoughtful planning of a generous donor who included LDHL in her estate plans, the TOTE program has been established. It’s an exciting new program addition; one that will not only help students, but will enrich our community – today and tomorrow.

The stories of some of our past students shared in this newsletter show how previous loan recipients are sharing their learning, skills and passions during the Covid-19 pandemic. The Board of LDHL joins me in thanking them for allowing us to publish their stories showing how they are caring for our community at this time. We extend our thanks to them for their skills and dedication and for their education at work, which they are sharing to help all of us survive and thrive during this unprecedented time.

 Jean Bednarski
President Elect, LDHL Board of Directors