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legacy loans

Legacy Loans, which are given in the same amount as Traditional Loans, are named after an individual, group or organization that has donated at the $10,000 level, either as a onetime donation or over several years. The loan can also be named in honor of an individual, group or organization. Students can only receive a Legacy Loan one time, and the donor can set small preferences, such as specific major or specific school.

Luke Reichard is receiving The Elwood Bookman Estate Legacy Loan

Nathan Hummer is receiving The Irel Buckwalter Legacy Loan

Ryan Findlay is receiving the City Limits Foundation Legacy Loan

Eric Jordan is receiving The Allen Family Foundation Legacy Loan

Genevieve McDonald is receiving The R.D. and Rhoda Buckwalter Legacy Loan

Marissa Polites is receiving The The Estate of Paul & Genevieve Diller Legacy Loan

Virginia Yost is receiving The Dr. Mary Elizabeth Dixon Legacy Loan

Lauren Matt is receiving The Binns Legacy Loan

Savannah Stauffer is receiving the Dr. Emmett Cooper Legacy Loan

Brody Mellinger is receiving Dr. Lawrence A. Ezard Memorial Legacy Loan

Samantha Eckman is receiving The David and Tamela Fassnacht Legacy Loan

Abigail Jordan is receiving The William and Violet Dussinger Legacy Loan

Lauren Stoner is receiving The Garofola Legacy Loan

Eliana Quirk is receiving The Jim Hagelgans and Gale Zorian Diller Legacy Loan

Chase Barber is receiving the Joel D. Heisey Legacy Loan

Aidan Schlegel is receiving The Dale and Sadie High Legacy Loan

Teagen Rogers is receiving The Richard A. Humphreville Memorial Legacy Loan

Carli Laudermilch is receiving The E. Ann Klein Charitable Trust Legacy Loan

Mariah Diffenbach is receiving The William Klein Jr. Legacy Loan

Elizabeth Dworsak is receiving the Gerald Lestz Legacy Loan

Kathryn Barraclough is receiving The Margaret Gordon Lestz Legacy Loan

Keaghan Cote The Barbara K. Mank Legacy Loan

Rodney Repass is receiving The Pryor E. and Arlene R. Neuber Legacy Loan

Kiley Yurchak is receiving The Pangburn Family Legacy Loan

Madeline Sherk is receiving The Gray Playter Memorial Legacy Loan

Jack Werner is receiving the Reyna ITS Legacy Loan

Nolen Armstrong is receiving The William S. Rothermel Foundation Legacy Loan in Memory of Ali Fausnaught.

Madeline Mitchell is receiving The William S. Rothermel Foundation Legacy Loan in Memory of bryant A. Houseal

Xavier King is receiving The Frances Sarkisian Trust Legacy Loan

Sarah Thorne is receiving the Luci Steele Legacy Loan

Lina Dominguez is receiving The Steinman Foundation Legacy Loan

Hannah Pawuk is receiving The Edith Smith Truxal Legacy Loan

Simon Hoover is receiving The Ronald and Patricia Tweed Legacy Loan

Meredith Horst is receiving The Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Weaver Legacy Loan

Katelyn Ranck is receiving The Catherine N. Witmer Memorial Legacy Loan

Alyssa Vance is receiving the Macy A. Zimmerman Legacy Loan